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August  2024 

Taylan Pina

Warrior of the Month

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June  2024 

Kaitlin Tassmer and Ivy McNiel

Kaitlin and Ivy both won our college scholarship this year - their applications clearly demonstrated their commitment to the community. 

Ivy was diagnosed at age 7 and Kaitlin was diagnosed at age 9, so both remember live before T1D. Both women have supportive networks at school and in sports that are knowledgeable about T1D. In fact, both have tips for parents whose kids play sports: make sure the coaches and friends playing know what to do when they are low. Ivy is an amazing softball player and says: "set the expectation when educating Coach that just because you are low for 5 minutes doesn't mean you can't keep playing the game!" Kaitlin says: "don't forget to educate your college roommate about low blood sugar protocol as well."

Both students are patients at Connecticut Children's and appreciate the consultative relationships they have with their providers.


March  2024 

Idan Kochavi

Check out Idan's video discussing his Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis and if he could turn back time and choose his life as a T1D kid or not, what he would choose... you might be surprised!


July  2024 

Saige Merwin

Warrior of the Month

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May  2024 

Audrey Wark

Audrey  is at many of our local events and while we hate that she has to live with T1D, we are so glad we have her light in our community! She has such a positive outlook, here's a little poem from her to brighten your day:

Find ways to love your diabetes even if no one around you has it

We are all just sweet

We are the sweetest people around

There are highs and lows and party's

Live like diabetes was yesterday and you are today

Diabetes doesn't define you but being sweet does

Stay strong and always remember you are the hero

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